Trump: 'Airlines would be No. 1' for coronavirus bailout - USA TODAY

President Donald Trump pledged a bailout Wednesday for airlines, hotels and other travel businesses that have seen business crater in reaction to restrictions and decreased demand due to the coronavirus

In the White House’s daily coronavirus press briefing, Trump singled out the airline industry as most deserving of assistance but also mentioned other travel businesses. He said details of a bailout haven’t yet been fully developed, including where the lines will be drawn that will decide which industries are eligible for relief.

Trump left no question, however, about which travel industry would be first in line.

“Airlines would be No. 1,” the president said. “You go from having the best year they have ever had to having no passengers because of what we have had to do to win this war – and it’s a war.”

But Trump also mentioned hotels and the cruise ships industries: “They are all prime candidates,” for a bailout. 

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