Ana stands-in for TNC Predator at WeSave! Charity Play - Dot Esports

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OG might be out of the WeSave! Charity Play, but it seems like there’s more to come for the storied organization.

Ana, still with OG but currently inactive until the end of the season, has agreed to play with TNC Predator at the non-profit tournament.

TNC’s carry, Gabbi, was unable to compete due to internet issues.

Ana is likely home in Australia but has been matchmaking in the Southeast Asian server. It’s not a perfect situation, but this will likely be the last we will see of the two-time The International winner before he retreats back Down Under.

OG’s roster has already been eliminated from the event yesterday. The team was unable to muster their full squad for the event due to geographical differences and could not stand up to a rampaging Team Liquid.

TNC will match up with Team Adroit in the first round of the event. The WeSave! Charity Play is a non-profit tournament that plans to donate its entire $12,000 prize pool, along with contributions from viewers and other benefactors, to help support the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak.