COVID-19: Comprehensive List of Airlines And Routes That Are Still Operating - Sam Chui

The coronavirus is spreading at unprecedented speed across the world, reaching over 660,000 cases at the time of writing. The airline industry has been one of the industries most impacted. Tens of airlines across the world are suspending operations, while tens of thousands of aircraft are now grounded.

This article will provide you with the most comprehensive information on which airlines are still operating. More importantly, we will let you know which routes of these airlines are still operating. Information has been updated as of 28th March 2020.

Qatar Airways

While many airlines are drastically reducing or completely suspending their services worldwide, amid the coronavirus crisis, Qatar Airways is doing just the opposite.

They have added 10,000 seats to their network as of 24th March.

Qatar has added flights to Paris, Perth and Dublin from Doha; they will be operating the Airbus A380 on services to Frankfurt, London Heathrow and Perth to increase capacity.

Qatar Airways is currently operating flights to 75 destinations, though this number may reduce as nations introduce tighter restrictions. The full list of destinations they operate to can be found here.

The Chinese government recently required all airlines, operating Chinese flights, to only operate one destination in any country, also with the requirement to only operate one flight each week.

Below are the current international routes still operated by Air China:

Route Flight Number
Beijing Capital = Los Angeles CA987/988
Beijing Capital = Vancouver CA991/992
Beijing Capital = Paris CA933/934
Beijing Capital