Emirates Could Fly A380s With Four Flight Attendants - One Mile at a Time

Emirates has internally revealed some updates regarding how they’ll staff flights, which could — at least in theory — see A380s operated with just four flight attendants.

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Emirates resuming limited service

Emirates will be resuming some flights as of April 6, 2020. This follows the airline suspending operations for two weeks.

Initially they’ll operate a very limited number of flights between Dubai and Europe using 777-300ERs — they’ll fly cargo in both directions, while they’ll primarily only sell seats on the flights out of Dubai.

Emirates will be operating limited flights to Europe

As the company describes these flights, they’re “carrying commercial passengers on cargo missions,” so these are primarily cargo flights, but will still be available to passengers.

Emirates has fixed pricing for these one-way flights to Europe — 2,500AED in economy, and 5,000 AED in business class.

What’s equally interesting is how Emirates will be crewing these flights.

How Emirates is staffing Europe flights

There are some things that are interesting about how Emirates will be staffing these flights to Europe, which is different than normal for the airline:

  • The flights to Europe will all be operated as same day turns for the crews, so they’ll have long days; there will be fewer flight attendants than usual, while there will be