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There are several East Asian countries that each have two competing full-service airlines. Taiwan is one such country, as it is home to both EVA Air and China Airlines. This isn’t a review of any cabin class specifically, but instead, we’ll examine various factors that might lead you to choose one airline over another in a more general sense.

Eva Air China Airlines
EVA Air and China Airlines are both based in Taiwan. Photo: KC Shih via Flickr/ Plane Reality via Wikimedia Commons / Simple Flying


According to FlightConnections.com, EVA Air serves four domestic destinations and 60 international destinations in 21 countries. China Airlines, on the other hand, serves the same four domestic destinations but covers 70 international destinations in 25 countries. Right off the bat, it seems like China Airlines is taking the lead.

A glance at their respective route maps shows that China Airlines has service to India and Hawaii, whereas its competitor does not. China Airlines also appears to serve more destinations in East Asia and Oceania. However, it does appear that EVA flies to more destinations in the United States. EVA also operates a few fifth-freedom routes through Bangkok.


EVA airplane
EVA Air is easily recognized with the use of this unique shade of green for its livery. Photo: Chung ChengYen via Flickr

It should also be noted that the two airlines are in different alliances. EVA Air is a member of the Star Alliance and