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Emirates has confirmed that it will not resume regular flights until at least July. After initially suspending operations in March for two weeks, Emirates has been running a skeleton schedule. All flights have been solely to help repatriate citizens to and from the United Arab Emirates. The airline had planned to begin offering more regular flights before the end of May, but this has now been pushed until the 1st of July.

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Emirates was forced to ground its fleet for two weeks entirely. Photo: Getty Images

When the United Arab Emirates closed its borders on the 20th of March, Emirates was forced to suspend operations entirely. However, from the 6th of April, the airline began operations several flights a week to several destinations, including London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, and Manila, to help stranded travelers return home.

The airline had planned to resume regular flights before the end of May. But due to continued travel restrictions around the world, the airline was forced to reconsider. Scheduled flights will recommence from the 1st of July onwards.


Emirates is a truly global airline; every single one of its flights is international, so it relies heavily on borders being open. During the coronavirus era, domestic flights are benefitting airlines the most.

Emirates health and safety
All Emirates staff will now have to wear full safety gear. Photo: Emirates

Precautionary measures

Emirates has