End Of An Era: Corsair Retires Its Final Boeing 747 - Simple Flying


TUI subsidiary Corsair is retiring its three Boeing 747-400s one year earlier than planned. Letting them go will effectively end France’s affair with the jumbo jet, as the Paris-Orly based carrier was the last French airline to operate the 747.

Corsair Boeing 747 retirement
Corsair’s 747s will no longer be making spectacular landings in the Caribbean. Photo: Aldo Bidini via Wikimedia Commons

Retirement moved up by a year

As reported by La Tribune, Corsair intends to have its long-haul fleet back in the air by the 21st of June with flights to Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Reúnion. Granted, of course, that Paris-Orly will be open again by then. Whenever Corsair’s fleet next takes to the skies, however, it will not include the airline’s remaining three Boeing 747s. F-GTUI, F-HSEA, and F-HSUN are all set to be taken out of service one year early. 

The airline decided on the retirement plan for the three 747-400s in September 2019. The first was to go in December 2020 and the other two in April 2021. Now, the crisis is taking its excruciating toll on airlines, banks seem unwilling to provide Corsair with loans, and as told by web42.news, nor is the airline eligible for government assistance. Hence, retirement plans are accelerated.


Corsair 747SP
Corsair even operated the 747SP for two years. Photo: Pedro Aragão via Wikimedia Commons

Operated almost all 747 models

Corsair is one