In Photos – Most Of World’s Airplanes Now Grounded At Airports - Forbes

As coronavirus continues to spread around the world and disrupts travel on an unparalleled global scale, airlines seem to be feeling the brunt of the economic pain, with no end in sight. Countries have imposed strict restrictions and bans on travel, both domestic and international, forcing carriers to slash their flight schedules by upwards of 90% in many cases. 

For some context, aviation tracking site FlightRadar24 noted nearly 114,000 passenger flights globally on January 22, 2020. On April 20, there were fewer than 27,000. The drop represented a whopping 77% of traffic, but that does not account for passenger numbers. Even more stark, figures released by the T.S.A. earlier this week showed that traveler screenings at U.S. airports dropped to a new low of just 87,534 on April 14 compared to over 2.2 million on the same a year ago. That represents a reduction of more than 96%.