Emirates President On The Future Of Aviation - One Mile at a Time

Emirates President Tim Clark is one of the brightest guys in the airline industry. He is one of the main people behind Emirates as we know it today, because he built the airline from the ground up. I don’t think there’s a person who has a better understanding of global aviation than he does.

I could listen to Clark talk for hours. Whenever I fly Emirates (remember when flying was a thing?!) I always enjoyed listening to the “Emirates World” radio channel, and in particular the interviews with Clark. I think I’ve probably heard the same interview a dozen times.

Clark was supposed to retire in June 2020, though obviously this isn’t an ideal time to leave a company you care about. It looks like he may now stay on a bit longer to make sure the airline continues moving in the right direction.

Tim Clark turned Emirates into one of the most well known airline brands

The National published an interview with Tim Clark this week, which is worth a read. I wanted to briefly hit on just a few of the highlights that I found most insightful:

  • Had the laws of supply and demand and survival of the fittest worked, Clark believes 85% of airlines would have gone out of business
  • Clark is happy we have seen as much state aid globally as we have, because otherwise we would have seen a huge number of mergers, and “there wasn’t room for more consolidation”
  • This is a “black swan” event for the airline industry, and the impact of