Qatar Airways Fires Pilot, Demands $162K - One Mile at a Time

Qatar Airways is currently in the process of reducing their workforce, as the airline is starting to send out termination notices to flight attendants and pilots. Well, there’s one story of a Qatar Airways pilot going viral, though it might not be as scandalous as it sounds.

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Qatar Airways demands $162K from fired pilot

There’s a letter circulating about a Qatar Airways pilot who was fired. Her services were terminated as of May 7, and she will be paid seven days salary in lieu of the notice period, per contractual terms.

Furthermore, she is told that she’ll need to pay QAR 591,091 to the company, which is the equivalent of 162,343 USD. This is in line with the scholarship program agreement signed in October 2013, as she received her commercial pilot training with the airline, and they want to be reimbursed for that.

Obviously this sounds absolutely terrible. Not only are they firing a pilot, but they’re charging her ~$162K as well?

I’ve seen outrage across the internet, with people saying they’ll never fly Qatar Airways again, and pointing out how disgusting this is, how bad Qatar Airways treats foreigners, and how people wonder if this would have happened to a male.

When I first saw this story I also worried this was as bad as it sounded, but it appears there may be more to the story.

What we know about the fired pilot

The first interesting fact here is that the pilot in