Air France Whistleblowers Reveal "Epidemic" of Sexual Harassment and Assault at the Airline - Paddle Your Own Kanoo

A group of Air France whistleblowers have claimed there is a culture of sexual violence at the French flag carrier which is so widespread that many workers won’t even “bat an eyelid” if they witness sexual harassment and assault. And while Air France says it takes “the subject of preventing sexist behaviour and harassment very seriously,” insiders claim the reality is very different for many workers.

“Recently, a flight attendant said to me “Don’t you want to give the captain a blowjob so that it goes faster?” revealed one member of Air France cabin crew who spoke on condition of anonymity with French-language newspaper Mediapart.

Photo Credit: Air France
Photo Credit: Air France

“The captain let me pass in front of him, saying to me in a low voice “I’m doing this to be able to watch the ass of the hostesses,” another young female flight attendant who was working at Air France on a temporary student contract revealed. “At the time of taking back our suitcases, he hands me mine telling me that it was very light and that my pants must be “very small”,” she continued.

In total, personal testimonies were gathered from 12 Air France staffers who all detailed similar allegations of sexual harassment and assault. What the majority of these accounts had in common was the indifference that coworkers had shown when thee incidents occurred.

One check-in agent detailed an incident in which a passenger tried to forcefully kiss her. “My colleagues didn’t really care,” the woman said. “Because it is very widespread, sexual harassment becomes almost trivial. You could say