Air France Starts To Reinstate Inflight Meal Services - Simple Flying


Air France has announced that it has gradually begun reinstating in-flight meals. The French airline was able to continue offering a limited-service throughout the peak of the pandemic. However, with a vow towards safety procedures, Air France now believes it is safe for some additional services to resume.

Air France on runway
Air France resumes some catering options. Photo: Getty Images

Air France resumes short-haul services

Air France has announced that it will be resuming inflight catering across economy, premium economy, and business class for short-haul and long-haul flights. While the airline was forced to reduce its catering service at the height of the pandemic, it proudly says that it was still able to run some undisrupted catering.

Alterations to Air France’s inflight catering have been underway since June 26th. At that time, the focus was on providing dining options for short-haul passengers. Air France has restarted its catering for flights of less than two hours and 30 minutes. On those services, passengers will be offered tea, coffee, juice, water, and alcohol with a sweet or savory snack. Those passengers on flights longer than two and a half hours will have the same beverage options. However, their snack will be upgraded to a gourmet option.

Passengers in premium economy
Snacks will return to short-haul flights. Photo: Air France

Business-class meal catering, which remains unchanged, will benefit from the resumption of alcohol services. Passengers in this class will now be able to order wine or champagne.