ANA Preps For The Return Of Its Airbus A380 - Simple Flying


Japanese carrier ANA (All Nippon Airways) is conducting another test flight to keep its stunning A380s current. However, this time it will be offering to take passengers on a tour which they promise will make them ‘feel Hawaii,’ even if they can’t go there yet.

ANA, Airbus A380
ANA is offering passengers a chance to enjoy a rare trip on the A380. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

A flight to nowhere on the Flying Honu

ANA’s beautifully liveried A380s haven’t seen much action this year. Specifically used for flights from Japan to Hawaii, the two A380s were grounded in March as Hawaii closed its borders. With borders planned to stay shut until at least the end of August, it looked like the giant jumbos were destined to spend most of the summer on the ground.

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Of course, parking an A380 for an extended period of time is not a simple as all that. Stress on the landing gear means it is necessary to jack it up every 90 days and rotate the gears. To avoid this, ANA has been undertaking occasional maintenance flights to keep the A380s in good shape.

ANA A380 Green
The green A380 flew last month. Photo: Airbus

The emerald green Flying Honu took to the skies at the end of last month, meaning it should be OK to rest on the ground until September. However, it seems that the time has rolled around for