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A visitor experiences a 5G virtual reality technology-supported electronic game product developed by HTC Corp during an exhibition in Beijing on Oct 31, 2019. [Photo/China Daily]

Sector banks on latest breakthroughs, steps up software development efforts

Virtual and augmented reality technology are poised to witness robust growth as an increasing number of consumers and employees stay indoors and use VR and AR solutions to communicate with colleagues and entertain themselves since the novel coronavirus outbreak, said industry experts.

Major tech companies have beefed up efforts to promote their VR and AR hardware devices and software. HTC Corp is betting big on this technology and accelerating steps to offer a suite of software applications intended to make people’s lives more colorful and productive, said Alvin Wang Graylin, China president of HTC.

“The world has irreversibly changed in the last five months taking us all on an accelerated path toward a digital-first future. This video-centric ‘New Normal’ we are living will rapidly transition to the XR first ‘Next Normal’ that awaits us,” Graylin said.

XR is the umbrella category that covers all the various forms of computer-altered reality, including augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality, and significantly advances the quality, fidelity and dimensionality of human-to-computer interactions.

He said that with the advancement of science and technology, people can gradually make use of real interaction in the virtual space to achieve immersive communication and do away with time and space constraints.

“Our life, work, study and social contacts will become more open, simple and highly efficient with the help of XR technologies,” Graylin added.

He is bullish on the prospects of VR and AR technologies, which have already been applied into a string of sectors, including social