Air France’s Fleet Plans: What Does The Future Hold? - Simple Flying


Air France’s decision to retire all of its A380s during this crisis means the airline suddenly has less capacity on offer. While this won’t be a problem in the short term, due to the lack of demand, it makes Air France’s future fleet plans important. So, what does the future hold for the Air France fleet? What type of aircraft is the airline looking to induct?

Air France A350 at Toulouse
What does the future hold for the Air France fleet? Photo: Airbus

More uniform fleet

Air France already has a number of orders on the books with both Airbus and Boeing. For widebodies, the airline completed its 787-9 order just this week, while around 30 more A350s set to join the fleet.

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However, last year Air France announced that is was swapping orders with partner KLM. The swap would see Air France’s remaining 787-9 order of six planes, go to KLM, and KLM’s order of seven A350s would go to Air France. This brings Air France’s total A350 order to 38 aircraft.

Air France 787
The swap will see Air France’s 787-9s go to KLM in exchange for A350s. Photo: Air France

While this does sound unique, it should be remembered that Air France and KLM merged in 2004, which means swapping orders is quite simple for the group. The change is order allows for both airlines to have a more uniform fleet and avoid having to train crews in both carriers.

KLM has already indicated that its