China Southern Is Selling Unlimited Flights Until January For $528 - Simple Flying


On Tuesday, China Southern rolled out its “Fly Happily” pass, giving passengers access to unlimited flights for a period of four and a half months at the price of $528. It joins several other Chinese carriers in promoting “all you can fly” deals as a means of rebooting air travel post-pandemic.

China southern All you can fly passes
Passengers can book an unlimited number of flights for a fixed price. Photo: Getty Images


We have always known we were going to see some unanticipated changes as airlines try to survive through, and recover from, this unprecedented crisis. However, that they would be promoting “all you can fly” packages, few saw coming.

In a move attempting to reboot a post-COVID commercial aviation sector, several Chinese carriers have engaged in a promotional drive with deals priced around $500 for unlimited flights.

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One of them is China Southern Airlines, the country’s largest carrier in numbers of passengers. The airline’s “Fly Happily” pass, released Tuesday, allows customers to book as many flights as they want for 3,699 yuan ($528). The deal is valid between August 26th and January 6th.

OTT ARJ21 China Eastern
China Eastern has sold over 100,000 passes valid for weekend flights. Photo: Getty Images

China Eastern has sold 100,000 passes

At least eight of China’s carriers have introduced similar deals since last month. China Eastern