Emirates Sees A Boost To Bookings Generated By Eid - Simple Flying


Emirates is gearing up for its busiest travel period in months as people travel to celebrate Eid this weekend. An increase in traffic is expected to start today at Dubai International Airport, to coincide with the start of the Eid holiday celebrations. Passengers have been advised to arrive at the airport three hours early in case of delays.

Concourse a at Dubai Airport
Emirates in anticipating a busy weekend as people travel to celebrate Eid. Photo: Emirates.

Increase in demand

Emirates has witnessed a surge of interest in travel to Dubai since the emirate reopened to tourists at the beginning of July. Eid Al Adha, one of the premier Islamic celebrations, begins today, and as such, the airline is expecting a busy travel weekend. The recent ease of border restrictions, coupled with the religious holiday, has tempted people back to the skies in search of a vacation.

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The airline has advised passengers departing from Dubai to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight. Anyone who tries to check in less than 60 minutes before their plane leaves will be refused travel. Emirates reminded passengers that online check-in is available 48 – 90 hours before flight departure.