Antarctica Flights Qantas day trip is the ultimate adventure -

Australians will soon be able to jump onto a Qantas flight to view Antarctica on the ultimate day trip.

Antarctica Flights and Qantas plan to take travellers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to see the frozen continent from the air.

While Australians are banned from travelling overseas, this is technically a domestic flight, so you don’t even need a passport.

The flights, which take about 12 to 13 hours on a privately chartered Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner, are scheduled to start in November.

The first sighting of ice normally comes after three hours.

It’s followed by dozens of icebergs and ice floes.

The view you can expect from the flight.
The view you can expect from the flight. Credit: Antarctica Flights

The flight then crosses the South Magnetic Pole where passengers will see the rugged mountainous interior of the continent.

“There is no passport or luggage needed for an Antarctica Flight, you can even go in board shorts if you wish,” Antarctica Flights CEO Bas Bosschieter told

“It really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Antarctica in a day.

“I personally think it’s the best answer to the question ‘What did you get up to on the weekend? Just popped down to Antarctica’.”

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