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Despite gloomy news just about everywhere for commercial aviation, Europe has been something of a bright spot over the past couple of months. Traffic is still way down from its usual summer peaks, of course, but many airlines in Europe have nevertheless managed to add back a significant number of flights, and the demand seems to have been there to fill them – especially to summer holiday destinations and on low cost airlines.

No doubt it has helped that many places in Europe were hard-hit by COVID-19 early on and then managed to get things more or less under control before summer and keep it that way. There’s also the important factor that a number of destinations in Europe rely to a significant extent on summer tourism revenue to bolster their economies, so there was plenty of commercial pressure, and hence political will, to get planes flying again.

That resumption of flying has held up until now, with no apparent dip even as some places in Europe have seen new spikes in infection and others have reintroduced quarantines or lockdown orders of some sort. OAG data for the week ending August 3 has Western Europe as the world’s leader in percentage growth of seats offered, up 14.6% on the week prior.

Air France at CDG
An Air France A319 parked at Paris Charles de Gaulle in July (CDG).

Air France has been busy lately

Air France (AF), whose home city of Paris is reportedly the second most-visited tourist destination in the world, has been able to ramp up flying considerably since the