Qantas Sending Its 787 Fleet To The California Desert - One Mile at a Time

Qantas recently retired all of its 747s and sent all of its A380s into long term storage, and now a majority of the Australian flag carrier’s 787 fleet is also going to the desert.

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Qantas sending 787s to California desert

The Boeing 787-9 has in recent years become the backbone of Qantas’ long haul fleet, as the long range and fuel efficient aircraft has been ideal for service to North America and Europe. The airline currently as 11 of these planes in its fleet, with three more on order (though delivery of these planes will be deferred).

As noted by Executive Traveller, in September 2020 Qantas will be sending a majority of its 787 fleet to Victorville, California, where the planes will enter long term storage.

Qantas will be storing a majority of its 787 fleet

It’s expected that Qantas will keep a few 787s in Australia, in the event that there’s any need for them in the coming months. Qantas is placing around 100 of its 126 aircraft into long term storage.

While the planes could also be stored in places like Alice Springs, Victorville has an ideal climate for long term aircraft storage due to its low humidity. As a result, this is also where Qantas has stored its A380 fleet.