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Qatar Airways today revealed that it offers the best global connectivity of any airline. The Qatari flag carrier will serve a total of 85 destinations by mid-September as it gradually re-adds routes to its network following the massive drop in passenger demand experienced in 2020.

Qatar Airways, Global Connectivity, Recovery
Qatar is now operating four daily flights to London Heathrow. Photo: Getty Images

Airlines across the globe are slowly rebuilding their route networks following up to six months of flight suspensions in some cases. For example, just this morning, Simple Flying reported that next week, IAG’s LEVEL would return to flying between Barcelona and New York. However, one airline that never stopped flying was Qatar Airways.

The most global connectivity

Qatar Airways today revealed that it has more global connectivity than any other airline. The carrier is rapidly resuming services as it aims to keep the world moving while other airlines remain grounded. Indeed, by mid-September, Qatar plans to operate over 650 flights each week to more than 65 destinations. With the option to change in Doha, many possible route combinations are available.

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In the first half of the month, the airline has a further five routes planned. These are:

  • Houston (three weekly flights started September 2nd increasing to four weekly from September 15th)
  • Kathmandu (one weekly flight starting September 5th)
  • Mogadishu (three weekly flights starting September 6th)
  • Philadelphia (three weekly flights starting September 16th)
  • Sialkot (three weekly flights started September 1st)
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