Spiffy: Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800! - One Mile at a Time

With the SilkAir brand being absorbed by Singapore Airlines, it looks like the first 737-800 is emerging in Singapore Airlines’ livery. First a bit of background…

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The Singapore Airlines & SilkAir merger

In mid-2018 it was announced that Singapore Airlines and SilkAir would be merging. For context, SilkAir is Singapore Airlines’ wholly owned subsidiary. While Singapore Airlines exclusively flies wide body aircraft, SilkAir exclusively flies narrow body aircraft.

When the plan was first announced:

  • Over the next few years, the SilkAir brand would be completely folded into the Singapore Airlines brand
  • Singapore Airlines would invest more than $100 million to upgrade SilkAir’s cabins with lie-flat business class seats, as well as seatback entertainment in both cabins
  • The intent was to create a consistent flying experience across wide body and narrow body aircraft

FlyDubai 737 business class, similar to what was expected for Singapore Airlines

Obviously a lot has happened since that announcement was made, including:

  • The 737 MAX became grounded, and the airline had a total of 37 of those on order
  • The coronavirus pandemic has caused airlines to cut non-essential spending

SilkAir Boeing 737-800

First Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800

Pictures are emerging of the very first SilkAir Boeing 737-800 to get the Singapore Airlines livery, and boy is it nice-looking!