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Need to leave the country? Just as that visa amnesty is coming to an end (September 26 if you forgot), Thai Airways is offering 1-way flights to 7 international destinations this month. The flights leave from Bangkok and are destined for Munich, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Taipei and Hong Kong.

The special flights are for foreigners needing to go back home and for Thais who are travelling to study or work abroad. For those looking for a flight to Munich, think fast, Thai Airways is only offering 1 flight and it’s this Friday!

Go to to book a ticket. Search “special flights” or call the airline’s contact centre 02 356 1111 between the hours of 8am and 8pm.


  • Flight: TG 924
  • Date: Friday
  • Time: Departs at 12:20pm (Thai time) Arrives at 6:35pm (local time)
  • Price: Starts at 17,055 baht.


  • Flight: TG 922
  • Dates: September 18 and 30
  • Time: Departs at 12:25pm (Thai time) Arrives at 7pm (local time)
  • Price: Starts at 16,215 baht


  • Flight: TG 916
  • Dates: September 13, 20 and 27
  • Time: Departs at 12:50pm (Thai time) Arrives at 7:10pm (local time)
  • Price: Starts at 18,685 baht


  • Flight: TG 932
  • Dates: Sept 17 and 29
  • Time: Departs at 12:15pm (Thai time) Arrives at 7:20pm (local time)
  • Price: Starts at 36,090 baht


  • Flight: TG 950
  • Dates: Sept 13 and 27
  • Time: Depart at 6:50am (Thai time) Arrives at 1:05pm (local time)
  • Price: Starts at 16,265 baht


  • Flight: TG 632
  • Dates: September 18 and 25
  • Time: Departs at 8:25am (Thai time) Arrives at 1.05pm (local time)
  • Price: Starts at 7,985 baht

Hong Kong

  • Flight: TG 606
  • Dates: September 16, 23 and 30
  • Time: Departs at 4pm (Thai time) Arrives at 7:45pm (local time)
  • Price: Starts at 5,455 baht

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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