Travel Solutions: After a flight cancellation, where’s my Singapore Airlines refund? – Arizona Daily Star

Travel Solutions: After a flight cancellation, where's my Singapore Airlines refund? - Arizona Daily Star

I booked a flight on Singapore Airlines for my husband to join me on a business trip from Singapore to Penang, Malaysia, last year. Unfortunately, because of low visibility from the thick haze, Singapore Airlines canceled our flight.

A Singapore Airlines agent promised us a refund if we submitted a refund request on the airline’s website. We filled out the form, but no one contacted us. We tried again and again to contact the airline but didn’t hear back.

Interestingly, the flight ticket that I booked via my company for my business trip was refunded promptly. But the ticket I bought through the Singapore Airlines website didn’t. I’ve tried to reach out to Singapore Airlines on Facebook, but to no avail. Can you help us with our Singapore Airlines refund? — Kit San Sin, Singapore

A: Both of you should have received a refund from Singapore Airlines — promptly. Also, you shouldn’t have had to “apply” for a refund through the airline’s website. It should have been handled automatically, like the refund you received for your other canceled flight.

Why wasn’t it? Who knows? I’ve had this long-standing theory that airlines try to make it as difficult as possible to get a refund. I think having to apply through the site qualifies as “making it as difficult as possible.” But you know what? I’ve seen worse.

Most upsetting, you sent four separate emails to Singapore Airlines and it responded by saying it had received your refund request. Then it did nothing. How can that even happen? The only reasonable conclusion is that the airline wants to keep your money. Whether it flew you to Penang or not is irrelevant. The money only flows one way.