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The Eagles are on the road this Sunday to kick off the 2020 regular at the Washington Football Team. It will be the first of at least (fingers crossed for playoffs!) eight road trips that will span 18,972 miles this season The Eagles will truly be “on the road” for a total of 262 hours from wheels up to wheels down for all of their trips, including nearly two full days of transit time (47 hours and 15 minutes).

Over the past few seasons under Head Coach Doug Pederson, the Eagles have had some memorable road trips with American Airlines. In 2017, the Eagles moved their operations to Los Angeles for an entire week and left with the division title after an emotional win over the Rams. To cap off that historic season, the Eagles successfully managed not only to accommodate the football team in Minneapolis, but travel plans and logistics for the front office staff and all of their families. The end result? The first Super Bowl Championship in franchise history. Just eight months after hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, the Eagles embarked on their first international regular-season game in London, a win over Jacksonville.

Through it all, American Airlines has been in lockstep with the Eagles to ensure that the team can focus on the upcoming opponent. 

“American Airlines has a great operation that they run. They know exactly what’s going on. We’ve had the same coordinators and operations people for years now, so they’re truly a part of the team,” said Dan Ryan, the Eagles’ director of team travel and football logistics. ” We have a ton of confidence in American Airlines that they can deliver the experience that