Singapore Airlines Halts First Class Bookings On Some Routes - Simple Flying


Singapore Airlines has closed its booking system to first-class passengers wishing to fly some premium routes this coming summer. Likely this is because some of the airlines aircraft that have first class, like the Airbus A380, are grounded and in the desert in Australia. 

Singapore Airlines A380
Singapore Airlines has extended the first-class suspension. Photo: Getty Images

What routes no longer have first class?

Singapore has preemptively decided to stop selling first class tickets on a variety of routes across the world for the next year, thanks to low demand and to keep the aircraft that have first class cabins in storage. These bigger aircraft that have the premium offering are not as fuel-efficient to operate as the carrier’s newer, first class-free aircraft, like the Airbus A350.

Initially, the carrier had suspended sales of first class tickets only until March 2021. However, it now seems that this suspension may last a bit longer, although perhaps not across the entire fleet.

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Seven Singapore Airlines A380s are currently stored in Alice Springs. Photo: Getty Images

Singapore has decided to adjust the availability of first class seats from the 1st of April 2021 onwards, lasting the whole summer of 2021. As first class tickets were suspended entirely until March 2021, it is more a case of what routes will have