Southwest Airlines just gave customers a brutal view of future life - ZDNet


Not flying on business?

I’ve spent the week grasping at optimism in the smoke.

I was uplifted, you see, by the words of American Airlines CEO, who suggested that Zoom was so awful that it would make businesspeople fly more than ever before.

I miss the days of flying on business, where you’d meet people outside of their kitchens and bedroom floors and listen to their stories in a happy, real-life setting.

Zoom and Microsoft Teams have done their best to fill in during the pandemic. Surely, though, once there’s a vaccine, we’ll all rush out to resume former habits, even if it costs our employers a little more.

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly isn’t so sure. He runs one of America’s more beloved airlines — there aren’t too many — and he claims the airline was well prepared for the crisis.

Yet, as Kelly told the Dallas Morning News, a mass movement away from Zoom and toward the airport may not be remotely real.

“I’m certainly not bullish that business travel is going to bounce right back,” he said. “In fact, I would argue that relative to a normal recession and recovery scenario, this will be twice as long.”

Twice as long doesn’t sound like anytime soon. However, it was almost as if he was softening