Airlines All Over The World Are Launching Flights To Nowhere - Simple Flying


All over the world, there has been a rise in the number of flights on offer that go precisely nowhere. While some of these services never even leave the ground, others really do take off and are proving a hit with passengers.

ANA A380
ANA is one of the airlines that has been flying its passengers absolutely nowhere. Photo: ANA

The rise of flights to nowhere

Amid the chaos caused by the COVID pandemic, airlines have turned to increasingly inventive ways of keeping cash flowing into the business. For some, a rapid pivot to cargo has helped sustain the bank balance, while others have focused on repatriation flights and other passenger services.

But one thing almost unique to this pandemic is the number of airlines operating flights to nowhere. Although it’s not a massively widespread phenomenon, more airlines are being added to the list by the day, giving aviation enthusiasts with itchy feet a chance to fly without the risk of travel.

It’s an unusual move but one that ticks lots of boxes, both for the airline and its passengers.

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Flights to nowhere that don’t leave the ground

One of the first places to operate flight to nowhere was Taipei’s Songshan Airport in Taiwan. Usually handling daily flights to Tokyo, Seoul and numerous places in China, the airport suffered from a 64% drop in passenger numbers as a result of COVID. That was a shame, as the airport had just completed extensive renovations of its facilities and installed a brand new lounge.