Ana de Armas on Redefining Bond Girl Style and Her New Jewelry Partnership - Vogue

Her next performance, however, as CIA agent Paloma in Bond film No Time To Die, looks set to be her most high-profile yet. And with the high-octane glamour of the trailers released thus far, it appears de Armas’s character couldn’t be further from the cozy cardigans and duffel coats of her breakout performance in Knives Out. “Of course in Bond films, glamour is essential,” she says. “But I don’t really want to define Paloma just by what she’s wearing, as a girl in the gown and high heels. It’s just one part of who she is.” Like all Bond films, details are being kept firmly under lock and key, but the film’s trailers have shown de Armas swanning through a seedy Santiago bar, before whipping out a pair of machine guns and seeing off a swarm of bad guys with all the nonchalance of a classic Bond star. 

“She’s a CIA agent from Cuba, and she’s wearing this dress and these diamonds because she’s on a mission and she needs to blend in, so everything is there for a reason,” she continues, before adding, with a laugh: “Trust me, I didn’t want to be in London in the cold wearing that dress and high heels!” Still, de Armas is keen to emphasize how central her collaborations with costume designers are to building the characters she so viscerally inhabits. “I think the construction of the wardrobe is one of my favorite parts of the process,” she notes. “Just like any person, a character tells you a lot of their story and really gives you a lot of information depending on what they wear. I mean, it might not always be to your personal taste, but you just have to give yourself over to it and do what’s best for