Emirates Will Launch Israel Flights By January 2021 - One Mile at a Time

It looks like we could be just a few months away from Emirates launching flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv…

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Emirates will fly to Tel Aviv by early 2021

In mid-August we learned that Israel and the United Arab Emirates had agreed to full normalization of relations going forward, which is an exciting development in the Middle East.

This will lead to increased cooperation between the two countries in areas ranging from healthcare to technology, and along with that we’ll also see direct flights launched between the two countries.

I imagine we’ll eventually see EL AL, Emirates, and Etihad, offering service between the two countries. Emirates and Etihad launching service to Israel is especially exciting, given all the new itineraries to points around the globe that this will open up.

Well, it’s now being reported that Emirates has received approval from Ben Gurion Airport in Israel to launch flights in January 2021. We’ll still have to wait to find out the details of the frequencies, exact launch dates, etc., but it does sound like regularly scheduled flights between the two countries will be starting by early 2021, if not earlier.

Flights between the two countries will be allowed to use airspace of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, significantly cutting down travel time compared to the circuitous routing that would otherwise be needed.

A couple of weeks ago EL AL operated its first-ever direct flight to the UAE, as the Israeli flag carrier brought a delegation to Abu Dhabi to start negotiations. It was also the first time an Israeli commercial aircraft used Saudi Arabian airspace.