Qatar can fly travellers to Thailand - TTR Weekly

BANGKOK, 7 October 2020: Qatar Airways is now carrying passengers on inbound flights to Bangkok until 31 October 2020*.

The inbound flights got the green light for bookings 1
October. Prior to that, it was authorised only to carry passengers on outbound
flights from Bangkok.

In a media statement released this week, the airline confirmed it is now one of a list of international carriers approved to carry passengers on inbound flights to Thailand and will offer 14-weekly flights to and from Bangkok for the remainder of the month.

TTR Weekly checked the Qatar Airways website and could process a booking on a flight from London UK to Bangkok Thailand. Also, the Certificate of Entry process on the Thai embassy’s UK website is open for passengers who book any of the accredited airlines listed including Qatar. The Certificate of Entry is valid for 15 days enough time for passengers to clear all the other requirements to allow them to board the flight to Thailand.

However, the current travel restrictions limit boarding to the following passenger categories:

Thai Nationals;
Exempted Persons (permitted or invited by the Prime Minister of Chief Official);
Diplomats and International Organization Officers;
Family of Thai Nationals;
Non-Thai Nationals (holding a Certificate of Residence);
Work Permit Holders;
Foreigners with the medical appointment;
Foreigners under special arrangements;
Holders of non-immigrant types of visa (business travellers, providing six-month bank statement)**
Holders of Special Tourist Visa**
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Cardholders (from low-risk countries)**
Those who wish to stay in Thailand in the short and long term (60-day stay in Thailand, providing six-month bank statement).**

What you have to do to fly

Inbound passengers present the following documents:
A Fit to