When Will Qantas Resume International Flights? - Simple Flying


The most exciting flight out of Qantas in recent times was its eight and a half hour scenic ‘flight to nowhere.’ However, when will the carrier actually be operating flights of this length to an actual destination outside of Australia’s borders? Let’s find out.

Qantas 787
150 passengers took a scenic flight to nowhere earlier this month. Photo: Getty Images

Dependent on Australian border policy

If Qantas could resume international flights tomorrow – it might just jump at the chance. But of course, the decision is not up to the airline itself. As is the situation worldwide, whether or not airlines can operate international flights depends on government policy.

Also, while some carriers are benefiting from various ‘travel corridors’ and ‘bubbles,’ others are suffering due to the strict policies of their respective governments. While most of these decisions can be justified as health precautions, it must be frustrating for affected carriers to be stuck on the sidelines.

Qantas 787
Qantas’ chief executive is looking at the end of 2021 for flights to the US and UK. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | JFKJets.com

It should be noted that ‘international’ regional travel is allowed on a restricted basis at the moment. This takes the form of a one-way “Safe Travel Zone,” otherwise referred to as a Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble. In its current form, travel is taking place between New Zealand and the