Singapore Airlines’ Fleet In 2020 - Simple Flying


For a small country, Singapore has quite a large and expansive national carrier. Not only is Singapore Airlines’ fleet large in terms of the number of aircraft, but its aircraft are large, modern, and fitted with some of the nicest cabins in the industry. The carrier, however, doesn’t have the same fleet now compared to when it started 2020. Let’s look at Singapore Airlines and its current fleet.

Singapore Airlines A380
The most action the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 has seen in recent times is use as a restaurant on the ground. Photo: Getty Images

Without a doubt, the events of 2020 have drastically changed Singapore Airlines’ fleet. Compared to physically large countries with domestic operations, Singapore as a city-state has no such industry. Thus, with the country’s total travel ban in the Spring, its national carrier ceased to exist in a functional sense – at least for a little while. Some aircraft were retired early, while others were sent into long-term storage. Even now, while limited operations have resumed, more than half of its 130+ aircraft are listed as parked.

The Airbus A380

With the events of 2020, some airlines have moved to retire their large Airbus A380s. Singapore Airlines has parked all 19 of these superjumbos – some of them remaining at home at Singapore Changi Airport, others in the dry climate of Alice Springs in the middle of the Australian Outback.

For now, the aircraft officially remain part of the Singapore Airlines fleet with no confirmed news of retirement. The average age for the A380s is 8.6 years old.

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