Lufthansa Cuts Free Food & Drinks In Economy, Introduces Buy On Board - One Mile at a Time

Well, I guess this is about as good of a time as any to make a negative change that was probably going to happen eventually anyway…

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Buy on board coming to Lufthansa in 2021

It has just been announced that in the near future, Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian will eliminate free food and drinks in short and medium haul economy, instead replacing this with a buy on board menu. This won’t apply in business class, and won’t apply in long haul economy.

The airline group will be taking a phased approach towards this being introduced, starting in the spring of 2021. Austrian will eliminate free food & drinks first, followed by SWISS and Lufthansa.

The airline group claims that the buy on board selection, preparation, and presentation will use “high quality standards,” and that there will be more of an investment in sustainability, by selecting environmentally friendly products and packaging.

Will Lufthansa’s onboard catering look this good? And that’s an excellent manicure…

Will any food & drinks be free anymore?

In the coming months the individual airlines will reveal their updated product offerings. It’s stated that on Lufthansa and SWISS there will still be a complimentary water bottle for passengers, while on Austrian everything will have to be purchased.

While minor, I’m also curious to see if SWISS stops offering each passenger a free chocolate, which has been a tradition on the airline for years.