Lufthansa’s New Boeing 777X Fleet – Everything We Know So Far - Simple Flying


The Boeing 777X promises a lot, and its entry into service is eagerly anticipated. With the slowdown in aviation in 2020, airlines may not be too anxious about Boeing’s recently confirmed delays. Lufthansa, now the launch customer for the 777X, will be affected by this and will now receive its first aircraft in  2022. This article takes a look at the delivery plan and what we can expect from Lufthansa’s 777X.

Lufthansa 777X
Lufthansa’s first 777X should arrive in 2022. Photo: Lufthansa

20 777X aircraft on order

Lufthansa was one of the first airlines to confirm an order for the 777X. Emirates was the first, ordering six aircraft in November 2011. Lufthansa’s order was placed in November 2013. Etihad Airways and Cathay Pacific also confirmed orders by the end of 2013. Emirates confirmed its full order of a further 150 aircraft in July 2014. It has since reduced this but remains by far the largest customer.

Lufthansa’s current order is for 20 777-9 aircraft. This is the larger of the two variants and is the first to be developed. Lufthansa had originally placed an order for 34 aircraft but converted 14 of these to options in November 2019. With the slowdown now experienced, it seems this was a good move by Lufthansa.

777X models
Lufthansa has 20 777-9s on order. Photo: Getty Images

Delivery delayed until 2022

When the 777X was launched and the