03 Jan 2021 - Bangkok Post

Shackles of mediocrity

Re: “Impossible dream”, (PostBag, Jan 2).

Needless to say, all state-run institutions in Thailand are infested with red tape and rampant corruption. The lopsided rules and regulations created by inept bureaucrats continue to harm the economy.

It is no surprise that the travel sector will not come back to the pre-Covid era for the reasons covered by Mr Stephan in his letter. His letter captures the mindset of the workforce employed in the government sector.

Sadly, this workforce is also a product of an educational system that thrives on fuzzy logic. Hence in most agencies, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing? As a consequence, the people working in these agencies make up their own rules and laws.

In a nutshell, in spite of all its natural beauty and abundant resources, an army of gatekeepers keeps the country in shackles of mediocrity and misery.

Thailand’s private sector is one of the best in the region and should be utilised to enhance the quality of services in the government agency. I am not sure why immigration and other services are not outsourced to the private sector. It seems the government has not learnt any lessons from the Thai Airways fiasco.

Kuldeep Nagi

Democracy a long way off

Re: “Bangkok poll hopes rise”, (Editorial, Jan 2).

You can bet Gen Prayut will make sure something is in place to prevent any winner that does not favour his interests. A fair election under the present oppressive government is nigh on impossible for the despot’s opponents.

Democracy will eventually return but it doesn’t look achievable for some time to come, I am sad to say.


Brexit can slay a monster

Kuldeep Nagi in his Jan 2 letter, “Lasting damage,” seems to be a bit light on history. I am