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Back in 2009, Japanese airline ANA got a bit personal with its environmental message to passengers. In a month-long trial, it asked its customers to take a trip to the bathroom before boarding the flight. It said that, by reducing the additional weight of full bladders onboard, it could save several tons of CO2 each month.

All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-381(ER) JA792A
ANA once asked its passengers to visit the loo before their flight. Photo: Vincenzo Pace |

The strangest of requests

We’ve heard of some strange requests made of passengers by airlines. Whether it’s about the size and quantity of luggage, unusual prohibited items, or even getting weighed before boarding, airlines aren’t shy to raise an eyebrow or two in their requirements.

However, it seems Japanese airline ANA once took the cake for the oddest passenger request, when it asked its customers to use the toilet before boarding in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions. It argued that, by emptying their bladders before their flight, passengers could help it drive down its carbon footprint by some 4.2 tons per month.

The initiative was part of ANA’s 2009 campaign to reduce CO2 emissions from its flights, which it called ‘e-flights’. The airline was an early adopter of ecological initiatives such as this, and had been operating e-flights since 2006 in a bid to get fliers to think about the environmental impact of their travels.

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