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Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) operates a mixed bag of planes that range from smaller Airbus aircraft to the A380. Like most airlines, the travel downturn has knocked ANA around. But a look at what planes All Nippon Airways has in the air now suggests the airline is faring better than many others.

ANA All Nippon Airways Japan Getty Images
Japanese airline ANA has around 90% of its planes in the air. Photo: Getty Images

The bulk of ANA’s fleet is flying

Having sent their final Boeing 747 off into retirement in 2014, All Nippon Airways now has seven main aircraft types in its fleet. That includes Airbus A320s, Airbus A321s, Airbus A380s, Boeing 737s, Boeing 767s, Boeing 777s, and Boeing 787s. Of the 239 planes in the ANA fleet, 216 (or around 90%) are currently flying.

All Nippon Airways has 14 Airbus A320s in their fleet, including three Airbus A320-200s which are currently parked. These three planes came over from ANA’s now-defunct low-cost subsidiary Vanilla Air between October 2019 and January 2020. The remaining 11 Airbus A320s operated by All Nippon Airways are Airbus A320neos. The first arrived in December 2016 and the most recent last March.

A breakdown of ANA’s Airbus A321 aircraft reveals a similar situation with A321-200s and the A321neos. In total, the airline has 18 Airbus A321 planes. All Nippon Airways has four A321-200s and 14 Airbus A321neos. All are operating except for one A321neo. Aviation database, indicates JA143A isn’t flying. That plane only arrived in December.

Like the small Airbus planes, All Nippon Airways’ Boeing 737 fleet is not usually seen outside Japan. But there are