Lufthansa Group Sign New Distribution Deal with Sabre Corporation - Al-Bawaba

The Lufthansa Group airlines and Sabre Corporation, the software and technology company that powers the global travel industry, have announced a new, mutually flexible distribution agreement that enables modern airline retailing as well as technology innovation.

Under the agreement, which covers the carriers Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Air Dolomiti and Brussels Airlines, Sabre will continue to distribute Lufthansa Group airlines’ content through traditional connectivity to hundreds of thousands of travel agents and thousands of corporations through its global distribution system (GDS). In addition, the agreement enables the distribution of Lufthansa Group airlines’ content via the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard in the Sabre travel marketplace.

After the planned launch later this year, the diversified NDC program will give Sabre-connected travel agencies globally the ability to access Lufthansa Group airlines’ content through the Sabre marketplace and by signing up to one of the two available commercial models for NDC.

The agreement supports Lufthansa Group airlines’ strategy to implement NDC technology and deliver personalised price offers through the newly launched Continuous Pricing. The continuation of this partnership equally supports Sabre’s vision to provide distribution flexibility and evolve its global travel marketplace, as well as enable personalised retailing for Lufthansa Group airlines utilising Sabre’s industry-leading technology solutions.

“Our agreement with Sabre is a landmark deal for airline distribution. I am very excited to shape our joint path towards modern airline retailing and innovate by introducing a diversified NDC program with associated commercial models, – enabling agencies to agree bilaterally on NDC with Lufthansa Group airlines,” said Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Senior Vice President Revenue Management and Distribution Lufthansa Group Network Airlines and Chief Commercial Officer SWISS. “Sabre and Lufthansa Group airlines share an ambition to innovate at the forefront of our industry. Through this new level of flexibility, we jointly