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Qatar Airways has increased frequencies from 33 countries at beginning of the pandemic to 110 destinations today and will end up with 129 destinations by March

“After this pandemic is over there will be fewer airlines that will be operating. For certain, by the grace of God, we will be one of them because we have persevered, we have established ourself very strongly, we have made everybody aware of our brand, our product, and most importantly, carried the flag of Qatar internationally. I think though, by RPK we are one of the three, but when you look at the number of international destinations, we are the largest international operator connecting people and we will continue to do so.”

“We have increased frequencies from 33 countries at the beginning of the pandemic, to 110 destinations today and we will end up 129 destinations by March. So you can see the commitment we have to our industry and to our passengers, like no other airline.”

We have invested a lot in technology and were one of the first airports to use UV robots, contactless processes for passengers, and the latest technology UV equipment to sanitise our aircraft.

“Fortunately, we are in a very unique position, which no other airline in the world is, that we both operate the airport as an airline, so it gives us responsibility for total passenger experience. Once you check in at Qatar Airways, until you board your airplane. So this is something